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Wild Blue River Festival on September 19th

Wild Blue River Festival Saturday, September 19th


This article was printed in the Gazette Virginian on 9.1.15. 


"This year it's all about getting on the water."  That's the answer you'll hear from events coordinator Rebecca Ramey if asked about this year's Wild Blue River Festival on September 19th.  The event will be held from 8 am to 12 pm at the new King's Bridge Landing in the Town of Halifax (1041 Bethel Rd), and will feature races and a scenic float down the Banister River.

"We want people to enjoy the new boat landing and to experience the beauty that is the Banister River.  I know there are many people in our county who would like to paddle the Banister, but are unsure they could get their boats on and off the water, or do not have the means to be able to shuttle their boats back to town."  

So, this year the festival will have volunteers ready to help paddlers participate in the races and scenic paddle.  Volunteers will also be on hand to help boaters get on the water at King's Bridge Landing, and at Terry's Bridge to help paddlers exit the water and carry their boats up the hill.  Finally, Staunton River State Park and Tri River Outfitters will shuttle paddlers and their boats back to town. 

The race categories will be:  Men's Recreational Kayak, Women's Recreational Kayak, Men's Solo Canoe, Women's Solo Canoe, Tandem Kayak, and Tandem Canoe.  The Kayak racers will launch at 9 am, followed by canoes at 9:30.  The scenic paddle, a family friendly event, will run from 10 am-12 pm at the Landing.

People can come to the landing to climb the 26' climbing wall, enter the Halifax Village Association Kayak Raffle, try their hand at Gyotaku fish printing, enjoy children's activities, and visit with vendors.  Visitors will also enjoy stopping in town to visit local businesses, eat at restaurants open for lunch and dinner, and the shop at the Halifax Farmer's Market.

Anyone interested in participating in the Wild Blue River Festival can find more information at, or can contact Rebecca Ramey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 470-4230.


Tool Sharpening & Season Extenders at Town of Halifax Farmers Market




Tool Sharpening and Season Extenders at Halifax Farmers Market

By Laverne Fuller

            As any do-it-yourselfer knows, the right tool can make all the difference in a project’s success or failure. The same goes for gardening. Pruners or loppers? Spade or shovel? It all depends on the job. Along with choosing the correct tool for the job, tools should be maintained for ease in use and so they will last. Good tools are an investment and with proper care will serve you well for many years. Be sure to clean your tools after each use. Dirt and mud can be removed with a spray from the hose or a little scrub from steel wool or a grill brush. Mixing used motor oil and sand in a tub and running your shovel or hoe through the mixture will help prevent rust.

            Keeping your tools sharp makes them easier to use and is better for plants. Most folks can sharpen their own tools with a ten-inch mill or bastard file. When you file the blade, it is important to pull the file away from the edge and to maintain the angle of the factory bevel.  But if that sounds like more trouble than it is worth, just bring your tools to the Halifax Farmer’s Market on Saturday, September 12th between 8 and 11 a.m. and the Master Gardeners will clean and sharpen them for you free of charge.

            A special exhibit on season extenders will also be displayed at the market on September 12.  Hoop houses are one way to extend the vegetable growing season through the frost season.  Master Gardener Maggie Westervelt will have a model of a hoop house to show how easy they are to make.  There are other tricks that Maggie will share with you to extend the growing season.

            So come out, bring your gardening tools for cleaning and sharpening and learn about Season Extenders at the Halifax Farmer’s Market, Saturday, September 12 between 8 and 11 a.m. You can also support your neighbors who bring homegrown vegetables, fruit, organic meats, baked goods and other local products for sale at the market. For questions about the Master Gardener program, call the Halifax Extension Office at 434-476-2147, option 0, visit or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bring your small garden tools to the Halifax Farmers Market on September 14th between 8 and 11 AM and Tommy Conner and Linda Singer will cheerfully give them a free cleaning and sharpening.

Town of Halifax Real Estate Tax Mailing

l Public Service Announcement:

The Town of Halifax would like to notify residents, businesses and property owners that 2015 tax bills for real estate are being mailed on August 28th, and, personal property and machine & tool tax notices will be mailed separately with an accompanying announcement which will outline the December 5, 2015 due date both on personal property and machine & tool taxes along with a reminder to taxpayers of the real estate payment for the same deadline.

Halifax is pleased to continue offering the payment option for Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills using Paymentus Corporation, a third party automated payment service that accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Electronic Check. This payment plan can only be accessed online or by Phone using Paymentus. This system will not be set up for payments in person at the Halifax Town Hall, although cash and check payments will continue to be accepted in person. You may make your payment anytime, any day, 24/7. Paymentus Corporation will charge a convenience fee for each transaction (the fee covers payment handling and processing charges). Customers should be ready with the following information:

For Real Estate, the 5-digit Parcel ID number (located on your billing statement),

For Personal Property, the 4-digit Tax ID number (located on your billing statement),

•Your Credit Card number or your Checking Account and Routing Number

To pay your bill by phone dial: 1-877-489-1674 to call a secure automated telephone payment system, powered by Paymentus Corporation.

To pay your bill online go to the Town of Halifax website, click on the “Pay Online Taxes” bar at the top and go to a secure third party website at Paymentus Corporation.

Please be reminded that the deadline for payment of total real estate tax due is Saturday December 5, 2015. If a receipt is desired, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. Payments made after the due date are subject to 10% Penalty and 10% Interest Per Annum. In addition to applicable penalties and interest, after the second notice has been mailed, late payments on personal property will be for 100 percent of tax due without regard to any former entitlement to state PPTRA relief. Also any real estate or personal property taxes not paid after the 2nd notice will have a $15.00 administration fee added to the bill due. If ownership of property has been transferred during the current tax year, the bill should be forwarded to the responsible party. For information about the tax assessment of property, please contact the County Commissioner of Revenue’s Office at 434-476-3314.

If you have any questions about phone or online payments, please call Halifax Town Hall at 434-476-2343.







A special election will be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2015, to fill the unexpired term of Mayor (through 12-31-2017) for the Town of Halifax, Virginia. Candidates for the office of Mayor are not required to submit petitions. Each candidate is required to submit a form declaring his or her candidacy. The form can be obtained from the office of the Halifax County Registrar, Mary Bethune Government Complex, 1030 Cowford Road, Halifax, VA 24558 or the Halifax Town Hall, 70 South Main Street, Halifax, VA 24558. The completed form must be received in the office of the Halifax County Registrar no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 14, 2015.





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