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Town of Halifax Two-Hour Parking

Enforcement of two-hour parking in downtown Halifax is slated to resume following the installation by VDOT of new signage this week.  This particular parking enforcement will be done routinely.  This enforcement is part of the police department's commitment to the success of businesses in the downtown area of Halifax.  However, the police department is also responsible for handling parking issues throughout Halifax, not just in the central business district.

Those found to be violating the two-hour parking ordinance could be cited with a $10 fine.  People are encouraged to use the public parking lots around the central business district if they will be parked for more than two hours.  Initially, warnings may be written for vehicles violating the two-hour downtown parking ordinance.  If a vehicle is found to be continually violating the ordinance, then a citation may be issued.  The two-hour parking limit runs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

The Town of Halifax would like to encourage motorists to park on Main St. in our beautiful downtown if you are shopping or dining.  If all the parking spaces are full, we would like to remind you that there is also public parking in the library parking lot, the entire front lot of the Farmers Market and some limited parking on Houston St.  We ask those persons coming to do any business at the courthouse complex to please park in the public parking lot located at the end of Blue Ridge Lane on the south side of the courthouse.


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