River Rubbish Rampage 2016

Volunteers Take To Waterway to Clean Up Ahead Of Paddling Season

     In preparation for the upcoming paddling season, the Town of Halifax's spring Banister clean-up will be held this Saturday, April 16th at noon.  Dubbed Earth Day Extravaganza River Rubbish Rampage, the clean-up will involve a volunteer orghanized trash removal at the Banister Lake boat landing and the Banister River.

     Everyone is welcome to participate, and volunteers are asked to meet at the King's Bridge Landing located at 1041 Bethel Road at noon to receive their trash bags and to sign their volunteer waiver.  Those wishing to help coordinate the shuttle for the Banister River portion are asked to arrive by 11a.m.  volunteers may paddle down river, removing trash between the landing and the Terry's Bridge take out.

     For those not wishing to be on the river, a second group will head over tothe Banister Lake Boat Ramp and pick up trash in the parking area and below the bridge.  Anyone wishing to get on the lake also may do so.  volunteers are asked to provide their own boats and personal floatation devices (life jackets) and should come prepared with gloves, appropriate footwear and sunscreen.  The event will be held "rain or shine" so be prepared with appropriate rain gear as well, if needed.