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Town of Halifax Next Events for 2014

The second event for the 2014 season will be Friday Night Jams on June 6th starting at 6pm.  Summer is a great time to enjoy music, food, and fun in the Town of Halifax.  This year's lineup includes Tobacco Apache, a roots/rock band out of Roanoke Virginia.  Headlining the event will be Barrelhouse out of Richmond, Virginia whose blues/rock music is sure to get you out of your chair and dance.  Friday Night Jams will also include food trucks, beer and wine.  Tickets to this year's event are only $5.  Last year's Blues, Brews, and BBQ drew a large crowd.  The town hopes to grow the numbers even more, and make it an event affordable for everyone.

Finishing off the season will be the Blue Ways Festival on September 13th.  This event will serve as the official celebration of the new boat ramp allowing public access to the Banister River.  The town is working closely with river groups and coordinators of other river festivals to create a great family fun event.  Events leading up to the Blue Ways Festival will include a volunteer river cleanup, Geo caching competition, and more.  The event itself will also feature music, vendors, kids activities, food, and a beer garden.

More information about the 2014 events can be found on the Town of Halifax events website,  For more information, or if your are interested in being a volunteer or vendor, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Solar-Powered Wireless Pilot Project Lands in Town of Halifax

Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation (MBC), a wholesale open-access fiber network transport provider, announced Wednesday the launch of a wireless broadband pilot project in the Town of Halifax to test the capability of Vihaan Networks Limited (VNL) solar powered Wi-Fi equipment to provide wireless broadband access throughout the town.

MBC, in conjunction with Wireless ISP Gamewood Technologies Group, launched this pilot project to test the coverage, speed and functionality of a unique wireless rural broadband access equipment and evaluate the technology for wider deployment in rural, unserved communities.

VNL, a hi-tech company headquartered in India, has partnered with MBC for a new approach to delivering low-cost, GSM and high speed broadband to unserved rural areas across the globe.

The Halifax project incorporates VNL's unique WorldGSMTM Rural Site and Village Site solutions, which utilize solar power to run the wireless network.  The wireless system is connected to MBC's open-access fiber optic transport network that provides dedicated connectivity from the solar powered base station to Gamewood's Internet Network.

"We are delighted to partner with MBC and Gamewood to deliver wireless broadband access in the Town of Halifax.  This historic and scenic town is such a contrast to the harsh topography of remote areas of Asia, Africa and Latin America, where VNL has deployed GSM and broadband networks.  That's the beauty of a simple, sustainable solutions like WorldGSM - it fits in fine, anywhere.  Compact and green, it's showing the way to deliver cost-effective access to unserved communities" said Rajiv Mehrotra, founder chairman and CEO of VNL.

Halifax Town Manager Carl Espy said, "Downtown businesses and visitors to the historic county seat were accustomed to free Wi-Fi when Pure Internet/Kinex offered the service until the copany closed its office two years ago.  MBC and Gamewood Technologies have provided their wireless expertise, allowing our community to once again possess an enhanced technology which improves the overall business climate and quality of life we seek as part of the town's ongoing revitalization."

"Gamewood Technology Group, Inc. is pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Town and County of Halifax, MBC and VNL to bring these wireless services to the area.  We look forward to building on this partnership and seeing how this pilot project can be used by the area residents and businesses successfully," said Ed Wilborne, chief information officer of Gamewood.

"Bridging the Digitsal Divide is a critical piece of our mission," said Tad Deriso, president and CEO of MBC.  "We continue to try new things to enable ISP's to expand their last-mile reach.  We believe a solar-powered wireless broadband platform can be a benefit to continue expansion of low-cost wireless broadband services in hard to reach, rural areas of Southern Virginia."

To log on to the service Satterfield invited users "to select Halifax WiFi from their list of available networks, select complimentary access from the drop down box, click the box to agree to the terms, and then enjoy surfing the Internet."  Ed Wilborne, President of Gamewood Technologies, Inc. added "speed and usability of service can be affected by a variety of factors including distance from the access point and therefore your experience may vary."  Chief Lands pointed out that because the free serviceis offered on an open network, users should refrain from accessing password enabled websites and online accounts. 

Announcement for Events Coordinator

The Halifax Town Council Business Development committee and Town Manager Carl Espy have announced the selection of Rebecca Ramey from a field of 8 respondents to contract as the Events Coordinator on a part-time, event by event basis.  Rebecca and her husband Scott moved to Vernon Hill 8 years ago to live close to friends and to live in a rural setting.  Before moving here Rebecca had a history of management and marketing positions working for both US and German Biotech companies.  She retired at an early age to start a family and now has twin boys.  Two years ago, Rebecca started to teach Yoga locally, and in November of 2012 she opened Ohm Yoga Center just off Main Street on Edmunds Boulevard in downtown Halifax.  She is active in the community as a member of the Halifax Beekeepers Association, the Halifax Village Association, and the Banister River Garden Club.  Rebecca has a deep love of the town of Halifax as evidenced by her desire to open her studio within the town.  "There is something magical about this town", Ramey says, "the people who live and work here have a strong desire to share what we have with the county at large.  I feel that with the dedication of those who wish to see the town grow, we can achieve its potential as a destination for tourists and county residents."

In making the selection, Committee Chair Kristy Johnson stated "I am thrilled that Rebecca has agreed to take the events coordinator position.  Her enthusiasm and passion for Halifax will truly help us to continue to build on the success of past events."  Ramey will work directly with the Town Manager and Assistant Manager Denise Barksdale while reporting to the Business Development Committee.  Committee member Ronnie Duffey observed that the new coordinator has a sharp focus on specifically tying in community life, businesses and culture with the upcoming events, "She seems to have a clear understanding of how the job needs to be done and she is well qualified", Duffey commented.  According to Espy, Rebecca has already started making calls to existing businesses, local volunteers, art groups, corporate sponsors, clubs and organizations that have expressed their interest in supporting the Halifax Earth Day Celebration scheduled for Saturday April 26th at the Halifax Marketplace, 209 South Main Street.  "I look forward to the Village Association's community clock project getting underway as the centerpiece of the Town of Halifax Farmer's Market and events area downtown", Ramey mused, "and as the courthouse renovations begin and the Banister River Blueways project develops, I hope, that with the community's support, I will build upon what the previous event coordinators have put together, eventually expanding the venues for each event in unique ways to celebrate the area's bountiful resources, creative talent and rural way of life."

For more information about participating withthe Halifax Earth Day Celebration contact Rebecca Ramey - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 434-470-1602.

Revised Sanitation Schedule due to Inclement Weather

To All Affected Town of Halifax Residents & Businesses:

Due to the significant winter weather event hitting the area, the Town of Halifax would like to inform residents and businesses receiving curbside solid waste pickup on Thursday February 13 that this service will be postponed to Friday February 14, weather permitting.

- This area includes Maple Avenue, Buena Vista Drive, Park Lane, Lakeside Drive, Harding Street, Snead Lane, Cary Street, Elam Street, Hedderly Street, Jackson Street, Back Street, Main Street (from Mountain Road north on US Hwy 501 and east on VA Hwy 360 to the corporate limits).

If further modifications to the curbside solid waste and recycling service provided by the Town of Halifax Sanitation Department is required due to the significant winter weather event, additional information will be provided. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.