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Master Gardeners at the Farmers Market August 11th

Pass Along Plants at the Halifax Farmers Market on August 11th

            The Southside Master Gardener Association will have a display on perennials and season extenders from 8 to 11 a.m. at the Halifax Farmers Market with a special dividing demo at 9:30.  This is busy day at the market as the celebration of National Farmers Market Week will also be held.  

            Perennials should be the backbone of all landscapes.  These plants come back year after year and bring color and beauty to your flowerbeds.  Their flowers and berries provide food for birds, butterflies and bees.  Another positive feature is that the clumps will grow larger and larger with each passing gardening season.  Once they get too “big for their britches” they need to be divided. The resultant smaller clumps may be planted in other parts of the garden or “passed along” to friends and family.  The Master Gardeners will have a special focus on Mary’s Gold daylily this year.

            Master Gardener Maggie Westervelt will have a display on season extenders.  These are things that you can do to help your growing season start earlier in the spring and go later into the fall.  Who wouldn’t love to keep having BLT’s in November?  Maggie will be available to answer your questions about the display.  And no, it doesn’t involve a greenhouse.

            In celebration of National Farmers Market Week, the market will have coloring sheets for kids and even one for adults.  There will be a bake sale with proceeds going to the market.  Get your taste buds up for a fish fry.  While at the market support your local vendors and artists.  Outside vendors have fresh produce, organic meats, fresh eggs and sometimes plants.  Inside you will find all kinds of crafts and collectibles as well as on site photography.  There is a seed bank and recipes for your browsing.

Caption for photo: Stop by the Halifax Farmers Market on August 11 to learn about perennials and season extenders from 8 – 11 a.m. with a special demonstration dividing this Mary’s Gold daylily at 9:30.  The market will also be celebrating National Farmers Market Week.





Change in Recycling Schedule Due to July 4th Holiday

July 14th Hypertufa Workshop at the Town of Halifax Farmers Market

Master Gardeners and Hyper What?

By Laverne Fuller

            Hypertufa: what is it and why do you want to know? Hypertufa is the art of mixing Portland cement, sphagnum peat moss, perlite and water to make stone-like garden pots. The mixture can be made into many different shapes depending on what is used for molds. Boxes, bowls and old flowerpots can be used. Hypertufa pots have the appearance of old stone, but are much lighter and easier to handle. They can add a natural, organic look to your landscape. Unlike clay pots, hypertufa does not crack if left outside over the winter.  Join the Southside Master Gardeners at the Halifax Farmer’s Market on Saturday, July 14, from 8 to 11 a.m. to make your own hypertufa pot. The cost is $5 per pot and all materials will be provided. For more information about the Southside Master Gardener program, please call the Halifax Extension Office at 434-476-2147, visit their website at or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

            As always, the freshest local produce and homegrown and homemade items will be available for sale. Visit the indoor market for a variety of special crafts, homemade soaps and lotions and collectibles.  What a great opportunity to support your friends and neighbors and feed your family the best food available. See you there!


Caption for picture: Come out to the Halifax Farmers Market on July 14th for the fun but messy make your own hypertufa container.  Easy enough for kids to do.  Cost is $5 per container and all needed supplies and materials will be provided.

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