Fairy Garden Contest Winners Announced

Fairy Garden Contest Winners Announced

The Southside Master Gardeners hosted a Fairy Garden Contest at the Halifax Farmers Market on June 10th.  First and second place winners were chosen by independent judges and the people's choice by popular vote.  First place went to Kathy Thomas and her granddaughter Chloe Klingerman,  Susi Robbins took second place and people's choice went to Brenda Couch.  Some of the winners and other fairy gardens are on display at the South Boston - Halifax County Museum through July 1 and can be viewed during regular museum hours.  Visit for more information.  Start planning now for next June's contest.  Keep up with Master Gardener events at


Kathy Conner Cornell



Meet the Easter Bunny at the Town of Halifax Farmers Market

Pass Along Plants at the Halifax Farmers Market on August 12th

Pass Along Plants at the Halifax Farmers Market on August 12th

The Southside Master Gardener Association will have a display on perennials and season extenders from 8 to 11 a.m. at the Halifax Farmers Market with a special dividing demo at 9:30.  This is busy day at the market as the “Meet me at the Market” will also be held to help people become familiar with the market vendors and their products.  It will also be a celebration of National Farmers Market Week.

Perennials should be the backbone of all landscapes.  These plants come back year after year and bring color and beauty to your flowerbeds.  Their flowers and berries provide food for birds, butterflies and bees.  Another positive feature is that the clumps will grow larger and larger with each passing gardening season.  Once they get too “big for their britches” they need to be divided. The resultant smaller clumps may be planted in other parts of the garden or “passed along” to friends and family.  The Master Gardeners will have a few different types of pass along plants to share.

Master Gardener Maggie Westervelt will have a display on season extenders.  These are things that you can do to help your growing season start earlier in the spring and go later into the fall.  Who wouldn’t love to keep having BLT’s in November?  Maggie will be available to answer your questions about the display.  And no, it doesn’t involve a greenhouse.

While at the market support your local vendors and artists.  Outside vendors have fresh produce, organic meats, fresh eggs and sometimes plants.  Inside you will find all kinds of crafts and collectibles as well as on site photography.  There is a seed bank and recipes for your browsing.  As always, the Master Gardeners will be there to answer all of your gardening questions. To learn more about the Master Gardener program and its activities visit or call the Halifax Extension Office at 434-476-2147.  Hope to see you at the market!

After School Lego Club

July 8th Events at the Town of Halifax Farmers Market